Faint heart may never have won fair lady, but fair lady is busy chasing what only faint hearts can offer: follows and likes.

A culture that refuses to sacrifice eschews benefits that can only emerge from sacrifice.

Of women in their twenties: How wicked of Mother Nature to design a creature so easy on the eyes, but so hard on the ears.

It’s all for show.

The reason that no good deed goes unpunished is that no good deed demands consideration.

Unlike sex, love can’t be bought. Unlike respect, it can’t be earned.

Evolution doesn’t appear to aim to make things better as much as it aims to just to make things new.

The ability to manipulate comes at the cost of being able to empathize.

The highest status is not having to think about status. Ironically, not thinking about status is misinterpreted, particularly by social climbers, as low status.

History will be ruthlessly unforgiving of our being complete bitches.

Today’s woman is frustrated because today’s man is no longer strong. Today’s man is disillusioned because today’s woman is no longer mysterious.

Feminism is equivanlent to the idea of amplifying the sound of an acoustic guitar by retrofitting it with pickups... merely because that’s how electric guitars are amplified.

Discomfort is the virtue. Comfort and platitudes are the the vice. We have created a society that demands the vice as entitlement and that has denounced the virtue.

Breasts are Mother Nature’s loss leader of the sexual marketplace.

A cultural movement that functions like an all-out assault on femininity should be called anything but feminism.

Eve claimed that the serpent deceived her. She deceived herself.

Social media doesn’t cause ignominious behaviour; it just gives it a stage. And then sells the tickets.

Which challenge is more difficult: meeting women or unmeeting women after they’ve been met?

The answer to most ‘why’ questions involving individuals is status. The answer to most ‘why’ questions involving organisations is money.

The source of reward, whether internal or external, embodied in considerable investment in time, money, emotion or belief will be protected at any cost.

Women appear to be more interested in how to grapple with a particular new scenario than whether it actually needs to be grappled with. Amusing at the scale of the individual; less so at the scale of the organziation or at the scale of the culture.

A woman’s past is as important to a man as a man’s future is to a woman.

The participation trophy offers exactly one important benefit to kids: awareness of cultural forces that will try to make them soft and entitled. The secondary lesson is how the company that sells trophies can profit from foible.

Any system for organizing humans will be structured either to incentivize strength or to incentivize weakness.

For how many more generations will the address, “Ladies and Gentlemen” still hold relevant meaning?

How much more competitive would professional soccer be if no points were awarded for a draw?

Free speech demands cultural maturity. Political correctness requires and cultivates childishness.

The Shirky Principle: “Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.”

The point of life is evolution, the core concept of which is the niche. Equalism is its polar opposite; the implication obvious.

A rare find: young woman without a cause.

Playing to not lose is playing to lose.

Power and autonomy are mutually exclusive; you can’t have both. But money and autonomy, you can.

Being a pleaser is its own punishment.

For three billion years the surface of Earth has been furiously eating itself. So as to devise better ways to eat itself. That’s one way to think about it.

At the highest level, truth may be beautiful, but it ain’t pretty.

The depth of responsibility one inherits is proportional to the perception of one’s responsible-ness.

Without accountability there’s no deterrent.

The price of lovin’ is not fixed — it varies with the pursued’s estimation of the suitor’s willingness to pay. (Aside: but, the more he’s willing to expend, the less she’s interested.)

Irrationality is the price of intuition.

There is absolutely nothing masculine about Facebook.

Haven’t we reached the point where it’s actually now more individualistic to not have a tattoo?

If you shush a beautiful young woman you’ve just met, you learn things you cannot learn any other way.

Toasting champagne in celebration is classy. Doing Jell-o body shots is not. But both can fairly be described as “having a drink.”